What is Wrong with My Shortcut: Clip Article to Notes?

I ran across this helpful video from which I learned about two fantastic Apple Notes shortcuts (see at 7 min.):

I immediately installed the Clip Article to Notes Shortcut but it it not functioning correctly.

What I’m Getting:


I have not idea why this is not working as shown in the video. Any help will be appreciated! This will be a great Shortcut if I can get it working.

UPDATE: It works perfectly on the iPhone and the iPad but not the MBP. Is this a residual issue with Shortcuts on the MBP not always working?

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Because in the video the shortcut is working only on an iPhone. On macOS this shortcut throws off two errors, both obscure. First, it says “Safari Reader is not available”, even if I have Safari in Reader mode. Then it says “The requested operation is not supported”, but doesn’t show or explain what operation.

I think you’d be better off writing your own shortcut explicitly for macOS. Or, put an article in Reader mode on Safari, select all or part of the text, and use Share > Notes from the contextual menu. Does the trick.