What is your favorite Obsidian Theme? Here is Mine

I’ve experimented with a lot of the Obsidian themes to find the one I like best on all devices. I prefer to use one theme rather than different themes on my devices.

My favorite theme is the Dracula for Obsidian Theme. It is particularly striking on the new 2021 iPad Pro where black is a deep black.

What is your favorite Obsidian Theme?

I’ve been using the defaults theme, I find it pleasing to the eye and I like the way it behaves. I tried a few other themes and it changed the way scrolling works in the file browser (the themes I tried stopped horizontal scrolling from working, so I couldn’t easily reveal longer filenames with the trackpad), and I prefer the default behaviour. Does this theme behave like the default one?

Saying all that, the theme you’ve chosen looks nice!

@Rob_Polding I think it behaves the same; I’ve not noticed a problem. I have, like you, experienced problems with other themes. I need one with a little bigger text than the default. I also like the color headings for easily seeing the “outline.”

I use Minimal from @kepano. Along with the Minimal Theme Settings plug into that provides additional configuration options. Minimal looks great in dark and light modes.


While I love Minimal look and feel I found it hard to distinguish between different header levels on both edit and preview modes.

So I came back to using default theme. As a bonus, there are no visual glitches either on the Mac and iPhone (maybe it got fixed, but a while back, some elements os the Mobile interface, mainly the sidebar, had problems rendering on Minimal).

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This is the one I’ve been using recently.

Yin and Yang


I don’t like the themes that flip document header and icons 90-degrees and display them vertically next to the text. Seems precious and a bit disorienting.

I have two Vaults. I use Subtlegold Light theme for business vault and Night Owl Dark theme for my personal vault. I think Night Owl is a bit like Dracula except that the colors are more neon-like, which I enjoy.

Trying out the Dracula theme and I really like it so far. Thanks for posting!

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Mine is a variation on Obsidian Nord that makes the headers all the same size.

The size variation bothered me but I like the color variations.

Here is one way to implement what @OogieM posted above, regarding heading color. You can use Obsidian’s CSS snippets feature, which is how I’ve changed the colors in my vaults which are using the Minimal theme.

  1. In the Settings dialog for your vault, select the Appearance section, and in the Snippets section of that dialog click the little icon of a folder to open the hidden file in your vault where CSS snippets are kept.
  2. Using TextEdit or whatever, create a plain text file in that location and name it something useful like heading_color.css
  3. Here is the contents of the file I use – you can change colors as you wish:


  1. Save the file
  2. Back in the Settings dialog for your vault, select the Appearance section, and in the Snippets section of that dialog click the small “refresh” icon next to the folder icon you clicked in step #1 above.
  3. You should see the name of the file you created in steps #2-#4 appear. Click the switch next to the name of the file to activate that snippet. The changes take place immediate in your vault.

Note: this does not change the theme file for the theme you are using, it merely creates an additional CSS file that takes priority over the theme settings. You can create any number of CSS snippet files if you want to control other aspects of the appearance.


I’m fond of Blue Topaz on Mac and Dracula on iPad Pro.

Since I found California coast and tweaked some types and colors, I’ve not only been convinced obsidian can be pretty, but also haven’t been tempted by any other themes either

Been enjoying Blackbird, as discussed by Macdrifter. Also Yin and Yang.