What is your Twitter handle?

What is the definition of social media? Is MPU forum really “social media”?

In contrast with large-scale social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram), MPU forum is focused on specific topics and is well-moderated.

Someone please hurry and devise a name for this type of forum before it is lumped together with the lamentable social media platforms mentioned above. :smiley:

Edited to add: another significant distinction between this forum and the others listed above is that there is none of the algorithm-driven steering of content to users, resulting is polarization and negative social consequences.

And another: There does not appear to be massive collection of user data to be sold or used for nefarious purposes.

Another edit: No disrespect intended to anyone who uses social media. There are good uses for social media despite the negative features.

I was not trying to lump MPU in with typical “big social media.” I was not sure how else to define MPU—forum seemed too generic but perhaps that is the better definition. I was attempting to pay MPU a compliment. For me, it is as close to “social media” as I get because it is a positive place of learning and help.


And I as well.

Twenty char …

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I must say this thread as worked out well. Discovered a lot of you on Twitter. Keep ‘em coming


thanks to @ iPersuade aka @ThomasVidal
on twitter, there is a MPU friends list


I’m @stolen_name 20c

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This is great that you posted this!


I don’t tweet even though Twitter is one of my most used apps. For me, it’s the lists I have set up that make it as relaxing as it can be I guess. I’ll have to add all of these to a list as well now. This is my usual username across sites - bryanscarolina.

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