What is your Twitter handle?

Looking to check out others on Twitter since I value the opinions on this forum on high regard

Mine is MereCivilian


What’s yours ?

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Looking at forum usernames, I think most of us are like you, using their handle as forum username…


I think that’s a fair assumption, Simon.

I use Twitter very sparingly, and basically just for reading. I’ve given up on getting valuable replies to my queries there. That’s why I’m here :slight_smile:

same here, I am @fuzzygel on twitter/fuzzygel too

@MereCivilian . just followed you on Twitter. Will try to do the same for others once I have their username

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I’m at @sangadi11 on twitter.

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OogieM Right now the lambing is being tweeted along with lamb pictures. Also getting the garden going this year. Won’t start planting most stuff until June but getting it ready.

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I’m @10ch.


I am extremely mad resentful jealous happy for you at how clever and small that username is

I’m ryanjamurphy.

Self-promo, because why not… I pinned a tweet for the first time yesterday because we published a free book to help people put systems thinking into practice!


I always chuckle when my best friend reminds me that Twitter is best handled in “read only” mode. He’s not wrong. I kept the old version of Tweetbot for a while without paying simply because the one limitation was that it wouldn’t allow me to post. I eventually upgraded (the developer deserves it) but Twitter was less stressful for those months when I didn’t post anything.


I’m (unsurprisingly) @acavender.

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I dont have one. I have never used twitter !

I’m @40Tech. Going through now following other MPU users.

as indicated @simonsmark Looking forward to seeing all on Twitter too

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My Twitter handle is @lampornis.

Love your Twitter header, @beck! :raised_hands:

Same as my username @FrMichaelFanous

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My twitter handle is @thomasvidal.

I also created a list and added everybody who replied here to it. If I missed you, let me know. If you want to be removed let me know (private message here or DM is fine). The list is MPU Friends


My Twitter handle is @timstringer.

I check Twitter regularly and post fairly often…but am increasingly finding that my engagements take place on Discourse-based forums like this one + Slack.

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I don’t have one as I eliminated social media from my life several years ago. Haven’t missed it or anything else I value that I can’t find elsewhere. :slight_smile:

EDIT: that is not quite correct—MPU is the social media outlet that I consider worthwhile and the only one I use.

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