What kind of file cabinet do you use?

While I scan all of my paper documents and store them in the cloud , there are a few documents that I need to also have in paper form, especially legal ones that have the official stamp / seal.

In addition to that, I have supplies like paper clips , pens, letter opener, etc that currently don’t have a home in my standing desk.

To solve these 2 storage problems, I’m looking for a file cabinet with drawers to put underneath my standing desk.

Ideal features

  • < 25" total hight to fit under my desk
  • (2 storage drawers
  • 1 hanging file drawer
  • (optional) Rollers
  • (optional ) tan color to go with the pine color of my standing desk.

It doesn’t need to be lockable.

What do MPU member with similar needs have in their office?

Ikea sells some units that do the things you listed. For example, the IDÅSEN. I have an older generation of this in one of my offices. It has been very sturdy and handy. Reasonable price. As always, assembly required.


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Here you go: https://www.wayfair.com/furniture/cat/filing-cabinets-c251644.html

That might work. It’s doesn’t say that is support hanging files, but the pictures make it look like it might. Does it support them?

I have an older generation of the Ikea unit, and mine does support hanging folders. I do not have the current model, but it looks like could support hanging folders. Check the dimensions.

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I went to Ikea with a hanging folder and tried it - it didn’t fit. I think I’ll get the Varidesk file cabinet. I’ll have to talk the wheels off but that is just an inconvenience.

Varidesk ordered. Goodbye, money!