What other Discourse forums?

I like Discourse and I would like to find out what other forums there are that might suit my interests. But how? On the Discourse site they give some examples, but not many.

Discourse isn’t a social network so doesn’t even necessarily know where the software is installed. Here’s a few forums which are run on Discourse that I frequent:


Discourse is merely BBS software. It powers any type of discussion group that someone wants to pay for so the question is like asking what VBulletin or UBB sites you might like. :man_shrugging:

If you like this forum you might like the Mac/tech-oriented forums on Reddit or macrumors or appleinsider. They don’t use Discourse, but several thousand people use them…

Yes, I understand it’s just a platform, but I thought there might be a directory or something alike.

Two that I visit frequently:

TidBITS Talk
Keyboard Maestro

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This is the only Discourse forum I am a member of. However, the other forums I visit are mostly automotive and tool/workshop related.

One for Ford trucks, and one for Jeeps. The less frequently visited is Garage Journal.

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