What packing list app do you use?

I also use Packing Pro very nice app

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I use TripList Pro - Packing List Manager, there’s a free version too. I like the sync with TripIt.


It’s been awhile since I’ve been traveling, but I was just using a Bear note for this. The easiest solution to quick spawn it unchecked, is to make the list in Drafts and save it in your archive/with a tag that makes it easy to find but not counted on your badge. Then every time you need it, just “send to Bear,” and checkbox through it. Once you’re done, delete from Bear.

Of course there are more elegant solutions.

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Simple, clever hack for reusable lists in OmniFocus: Create the list as a project. Set the project to mark complete when the last item is checked off. Set it to repeat one minute after completion — yes, one minute. When you’ve finished the list, it regenerates nice and clean and ready for next time.


Nice hack that extends from packing lists. Thanks! :smiley:

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Yes to keeping a separate travel kit. I have one for cords and chargers, including a couple of lightning cables and a spare Watch charging cable. One less thing to have to remember!

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I use Evernote. I used to have one for business and another for personal. But I combined them into one and start each trip with all unchecked. If there is something I am not going to need, say swim trunks, I just click it off the list. I view check boxes as either it is packed or it wasn’t needed. I travel monthly typically 2+ trips per month.

I have two OmniOutliner files to do this. One of them, called Supply, has a list of everything I might ever take on a trip - black slacks, blue shirt, black socks, t-shirts, toilet kit, etc. The advantage is that you can tweak the list endlessly as your needs evolve. The other file is called Packing checklist. It has a number of items: Outbound trip, day 1 on site, day 2 on site, return trip. I open the Packing checklist first and make a list of all the events I need to pack for, such as, Day1: attend workshop and hit the gym, then dinner with friends. I put that checklist OO file in a window on the left side of my screen and the supply list OO file on the right side, then drag items from the supply OO file over to the other file as subtopics under those day headings, then print out the packing checklist. This way I make sure that I’ve thought through what I need and don’t forget brown socks for the day I’ll be wearing brown dress slacks.

I know this doesn’t really count as an app, but I just have a single text file with a list I’ve honed over the years, separated into various categories.


keeping it simple :slightly_smiling_face:

If you wanted to you could create a drafts action for that or launch from Keyboard Maestro.

I prefer to keep everything in OF so all my “to dos” stay together. I’ve created a shortcut that allows me to choose from a list of common items and then creates a customized project with relative defer dates, tags, autocomplete, etc.

Before sharing, I went through and added a few comments and then paired my list down to more common items. You can customize each list by adding or removing items.

You’ll need to customize the final action to decide where the project will import. I have a “Personal” folder, which is where the Shortcut imports to be default.


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I’ve been using DynaList for a couple of months now and it seems to be working quite well. I have a master list and just uncheck items as needed before I start a trip.

Same for shopping list – master list is in DynaList, uncheck items as needed before going to the grocery store.

And I also have DynaList as a list of movies and TV shows I want to watch.

I have been using a checklist in Evernote but will be switching to Omnifocus, Reminders, or something else as I migrate away from EN since I began using DEVONthink for my archive tool.

I tried a packing list app in the early days of the iPhone and quickly concluded that this idea was terrible on 2 grounds - typing into the app was painful and I disliked having a single purpose app for a general purpose data structure (essentially a to do list).
I have often used a mindmap for packing (iThoughts in my case). This allows me to focus on current concerns until resolved while leaving other areas closed up until I’m ready to tackle them.
I also keep a couple of ready packed kits - one for hotel rooms with a spare anker charger, watch charger and cables, and one for rental cars with vent clip, phone charger and every type of cable that could be used to connect phone to car.
Packaphobia, a kind of special purpose procrastination that applies to packing, is also a thing…

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Does anyone know of a packing list app that has the ability to assemble your packing list from user-defined “building blocks”? I’m thinking of the ability to add a whole set of related items with one click. For example if I decide to take my laptop on a trip, it would add the laptop, power brick, cables, dongles, sleeve, etc. to the packing list all at once. Same thing for specialized gear for hiking, cold weather gear, etc. Right now I do this by copying and pasting in Apple Notes, but having a streamlined version of this capability in an app might be enough to tempt me into using a more specialized platform.

One way I can think of, not a dedicated app though, would be to set up a Shortcut that uses Instapaper templates to create something in Omnifocus (perhaps Drafts or similar). The shortcut could ask what equipment is being taken and then string the blocks of templates together before sending the data to the app.

At least, I think that would work. It’s something I would personally like to have but have not yet gotten far enough down the OF template/automation road.

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Something like that would definitely work. I’m just wondering if any of the existing apps pre-package this kind of functionality.

Packing Pro… I have lists dating back to 2011 that include the 4 “seasons” throughout the Pacific South West, and beyond. For those unfamiliar, that encompesses some extreme environmental conditions, along with hardhats and suit jackets, often with just one bag (carry on). Even more challenging… San Francisco, nuff said.

I use a checklist in Apple Notes. I have a list in a folder that gets copied into the note for the trip, so I have a fresh note for each trip. ToDos, I use the Reminders app. So far, no need for using an outside app.