What packing list app do you use?

When traveling, either long haul flights or just small day trips, I’ve always seem to forget something. I was wondering if there would be any way that I could remember everything I should bring. I see there are several packing list apps in the App Store, but I am unable to find out if any of them is outstanding?

What packing list app do you use, or, what other way to you remember everything to bring? :slight_smile:

I’m currently using Pack Point, which does the trick for me. It’s probably worth the $2.99 to customize your lists, but the free version is pretty solid.

But i’m totally interested to learn what others are doing/using. I bet someone has a text expander snippet in their toolbox :grin:

If it’s important to not forget it goes in Omnifocus for me, and I just mark the tasks as done when the item goes in the bag, is it overkill, probably.

Having never looked into these apps what value do they add, that the simplicity of a checklist or spreadsheet can’t do?

As a developer I find categories of apps I had never thought of fascinating

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If I traveled a lot I’d make a taskpaper list to automate

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I use a list in Apple Notes. It does the job, and I keep other info in there as well as needed.


I have a To Pack list in Reminders which is shared with my wife so we can both see what is left to pack

I’m in the air 5-7 days of the month, and honestly I don’t think it matters much what app you use to make the list so long as you make the list. I’ve used checklists in Notes, standalone lists in Workflowy and DynaList, and list templates in OmniFocus and Things.

Dedicated packing list apps strike me as silly.

@petterhol, what app do you use to track tasks/to-dos? I suggest just using that for your packing list. It will have the advantage of familiarity.


I use AnyList, which is free on iOS. But I pay $7.99/year for access to the Mac and web versions.(For $11.99/year there is a family plan where family members can add/edit/share lists.) It was originally designed for grocery lists - and it’s one of the best grocery list apps I’ve ever used - but you can create any type of list, and attach photos and notes to individual items. (I have a list just of all the different lightbulbs and batteries I use, and attach pics of the bulbs so I make sure when I’m shopping that I’m buying the right ones.)

I populated my packing list with potential items from some lists I loaded in from other websites (AnyList does import, including complete recipe imports that populates food shopping lists) and then customized it for personal use.

Great app.

Many ways to solve this problem but I use OmniOutliner. I have a travel checklist with different sub-lists depending on my destination (beach vs work vs road-trip, etc). Then I print out the appropriate sub-list each time I am packing and manually check off items as I pack. Whenever I skip the list, I invariably forget something.

I use SplashShopper and have several checklists in it.

+1 for OmniOutliner, with categories and subcategories

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I did use Wunderlist now I use Trello

I use Packing Pro. It’s simple and easily recyclable each time I need it. When I travel, it really helps my anxiety over forgetting something once I’m on the plane.

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I use just a simple spreadsheet :slight_smile:

OmniOutliner here too. Using with the check/uncheck feature makes it super easy to check the boxes on your iPhone as you pack.

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I use Apple Notes but have an old school solution for items to pack just before I walk out the door: a post-it note stuck to my wallet with the ‘handbag items’.

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I have Workflows for the different repeated trips I do. These then create OmniFocus actions for the right dates (buy train tickets, arrange time away from work, packing list, on the day items, etc).
Don’t you just love automation?!

I use Packr. I’ve found it to be extremely useful and helpful.

Just some text files for different trips (“presentation”, “photo gear”, “cabin only”). I cut them down to the stuff that I should forget. I keep some stuff pre-packed (toiletry bag, cable/charger bag), so I don’t have to check them. I travel too much to waste time with preparations. If I forget the toothbrush, I just buy one at the destination. So I just care about the stuff I really shouldn’t forget and it’s not easy to get (MBP charger,…).

Thanks guys for a good discussion.

@MitchWagner, I am using OmniFocus. I’ve played with using this for this purpose, even with scripting and automaticly generating new lists, but I didn’t quite like it. However, thanks for the tip!

I think I will start off with OmniOutliner, as I already have the license for this app. If this does not make the cut for me, I’ll consider other apps from this list. :slight_smile:

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