What PDF tool can split a "two/four slides on one page" layout into individual slides?

Hey powerusers,

I was wondering whether there was a tool that could split pages that are filled with content in the “two or four” slides per page layout into individual slides?

PDF Expert Pro can only crop one area. Splitting it would be similar to cropping it twice or four times. :thinking:

Or can this be achieved by a workflow or script of some sorts?

Thanks a lot

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This is a necropost, but since no one else replied, you can use PDFExpert to duplicate the page once or twice, as appropriate, then crop each to a different slide.

Other than that, there are probably command line tools that you could use to automate the task.

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I created this Alfred workflow to deal with splitting scanned books (2 pages across) to 1 book page = 1 PDF page. It’s built on a python library, PyPDF2, which could probably be used to do the kind of splits you need as well.

Here’s the Stack Overflow post that I used to get started:

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Amazing, will have a look!