What people mean when they say Apple can’t innovate anymore


I did a podcast about Apple’s post-iPhone future.


No offense intended, but these types of proclamations fall under nonsense for me. I’m not buying.

In my opinion, commentators (to make the distinction between journalist types, and researcher types) have no idea just how much goes into the development, manufacturing and product sales that Apple does - at scale. At a global scale. I’d rather learn from that rather than just critique the end product. Every device ever made has something I like about it and something I don’t.

With respect to Steve Jobs, he ran an entirely different Apple in an entirely different era; it was the right thing to do - to simplify - once upon a time. The comparisons are fun, but pointless. Cook + Co. have to do what’s best for the company today, given today’s environment. But ads get sold against debates that can’t be proven, right?

There is no crisis, and Apple is not doomed. I mean we know the Apple Watch is a bigger business than iPod, right? We know the company can assemble machines made from 100% recycled materials, right? We know Apple runs on 100% renewable energy, right? Are these not innovations? We know there is an incredibly short list of companies that can ship this type of product at scale, right?


I think we consumers need to turn the commentators off and go and try to build something ourselves, maybe then we’ll appreciate the effort that goes into what has been accomplished here. Yesterday, I watched a guy say Apple was doomed because he had to operate the XS Max with with two hands. I couldn’t turn it off fast enough.

Sorry for the rant, I had a lil extra time today.


Apple innovates every day, but according to the punditocracy, if it’s not FLASHY!! it’s not innovative.


Also, keep in mind that from a security perspective Face ID is 20x more secure than Touch ID. Apple’s customers are governments as much as soccer moms and dads.


I would say you have to do both. Pursuing blockbusters allows for patents to be discovered which cement ownership of future features and products.


I’ll find a minute to check that out. Thanks


Apple never operated in strictly one of those ways really. It’s never been a binary choice. Apple revise, they incrementalize, they produce new products, and new lines, and they investigate ways to leverage their tech and know-how in completely new ways too. All of it.

“Maybe Apple’s problem is that they’re still pursuing blockbusters – music players! telephones! – but instead should be more focused on polishing what they have?” :wink: