What recommended software for getting your files under control and organized?

Trying to get my files under control! So I know of Gemeni 2 that I’m currently using along with Hazel and Daisy Disk. What other apps are useful in getting your files under control, moving them around, consolidating, and organizing?

Suggested Apps
Daisy Disk
Genemi 2
Forklift 3

NameMangler though Finder now has some of the same capabilities.

I do sophisticated Spotlight-backed searches with HoudahSpot

I use Forklift as a Finder replacement when I need to preview/edit/move lots of files. I also own Commander One Pro, but I prefer Forklift because of the customizable Finder-like sidebar where I can add favorite folders. It does dual pane, it does FTP (and a myriad of connections to everything from Amazon S3 to Google Drive), view hidden files and more.

Here’s the manual.

I am still using Forklift 2.x but it is getting slow on Mojave… maybe because it is still a 32-bit app. I haven’t have a chance or need to try Forklift 3. Forklift value is its fast FTP client and if one does not use FTP, is there a better option for dual pane file management?

Forklift is much snappier than the previous version; when it came out (2 years ago!) they noted it was rewritten in Swift. V.2 also added 2-way sync, Dropbox support (and Favorite Sync via Dropbox), multi-rename, preview (as you can see in that Youtube video above), tabs, Open in Terminal, Share, has tag support, and more. You can even set it as the default file viewer in macOS. And I love using its Dark Mode (not sure if you get that with Mojave and v.2).

Upgrade from v.2 is well worth the $20, to me anyway. And if you have or are considering SetApp it’s part of that, too.

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My primary computer these days is a 9.7 iPad. But the bulk of my archive - 14000+ files, that I keep just in case I may need them some day, resides on a old Mac Mini. I keep them organized with EagleFiler. A simple reliable program that I’ve used for many years.



What features do you primiarily use EagleFiler for?

I use it because it does a decent job of de-duplicating files on import, improves upon Spotlight search, and keeps my files in standard folders.

Since EagleFiler use standard folders and the files are backed up to external exFAT formatted drives if/when my old Mini dies, should I choose not to buy another Mac, I can access them with just about anything - PC, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS. Or maybe some day, my iPad. These are files that I may never need again.

95% of the files I use are spreadsheets/docs in Google Apps, pdfs that reside on Google Drive, and photos that I keep in Photos/iCloud & Google Photos. I don’t need additional software to quickly find anything in those services.

EagleFiler is a shoebox/editing app like KeepIt or Notebooks or a streamlined version of DevonThink. It’s Mac-only, so the main downside is that it’s not cross-platform with iOS. I switched to it from DevonThink Pro a few years ago and enjoy using it, but it’s a tougher sell for someone who is heavily into iOS.

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