What’s a Good Tool for Batch Editing Metadata and Chapters in MP3's?

I’m about to have a lot of MP3 files generated by Microsoft Azure’s Text to Speech (which is amazing for self-made audiobooks, BTW). I need to add things like title, website, author, and ideally album artwork.

It would also be amazing to be able to grab a dozen MP3’s, combine them into one, and have chapter markers generated automatically from the component MP3 files. Any tools for that?

Free tools for these things would be amazing, but I’m also happy to pay.

This kind of thing if you’ve got a bit of technical chops, ffmpeg is amazing for


Lots of googling to find the right incantations but it can get pretty much anything video or audio done

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Dang, I’ve been putting off learning ffmpeg, but since generating these files is just a ton of scripting anyway, I should probably just give in.

I can’t decide on a Casey Liss reference to make, so here’s a few:

  • I was looking for a GUI, but I guess sometimes Liss is more.
  • I could probably offload all of this to my synology (vibraphone slap), too!
  • I bet I could monitor the progress from my Menu Bar.
  • I hope white album artwork doesn’t just happen to the files.
  • Something something, Raspberry Pi hole…

Thanks for the suggestion!


Found these two which probably get you 50% of the way

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