What’s the best monitor for ...? (Answers)

A frequent question that comes up here in the forum is “which monitor do you recommend for … situation?”

The moderators have graciously enabled wiki posts (explanation), and I thought this would make a nice topic for the forum’s first wiki post. I’ve added some light structure, and “signed” my posts so people know where the info came from.

Monitors by specifications (resolution, size, etc)

HD, QHD, 1080p, CGA, etc.

Asus 24” 1080p

I have a few of these monitors, and used them in pairs with my MacBook Pro. They are more budget-friendly than 4K monitors, and do a decent job. One drawback of this monitor is that it does not have VESA mounting capability built in. You can work around this, but it’s not too elegant. @JohnAtl


LG 27" 4K

This is a good all-around monitor for writing documents, reading documents, light CAD work, family photos, writing code, processing data, creating presentations, etc. I use this monitor as an external monitor for my 2015 Retina MacBook Pro using a mini-DSP to DisplayPort adapter. This allows the monitor to run at 60Hz refresh rate for less flicker. I also use one as a second monitor for my iMac Pro, with a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter. @JohnAtl


Monitors for laptops

Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q

This 32" monitor allows for a USB-C single cable setup which charges your MacBook, connects the display and bridges an internal USB 3 Hub. The dimensions of the monitor (32") are quite big for the 4k resolution, meaning that text is just a little too “rough” to be deemed “retina” but depending on your eyesight or tolerance for pixelation it may be acceptable. If you want a single screen with as much screen real-estate as possible this monitor is a good choice, and for the price ($820), I feel its good value for money.

There are 2 USB-A ports on the side and 2 on the rear. 2 of those ports can charge at 2A so I have a lightning cable permanently attached to charge my phone and airpods.

There is no camera built in, but the plentitude of USB ports should allow you to have a webcam permanently connected. @Mpacker


Monitors for desktops

Primary displays

Second(+) displays

LG 27UK650-W 27" 4K Monitor

I bought this to use as a second monitor to my new 27" iMac. As such it replaces an old Dell 20" 1600x1200 monitor I used with my previous iMac which wouldn’t work with the new.

4K really looks as good as the 5k, and works like a Retina (aka High-DPI) monitor when connected via USB-C. After calibration, colors are still a bit cooler than the calibrated iMac display. Not sure why – I’ll go through the calibration again. Stats have it good for photography use but I’m not yet seeing the promised 99% sRGB color gamut. This is considered to be a compromise monitor between gaming and professional use. Most adjustments are aimed at Windows 10 use but it’s fine for Mac out-of-the-box. I just set it for “Photo”.

I appreciate the two USB2 ports in the back. The audio (speakers) are terrible, but there is no reason to use them with the iMac built-in speakers.

Stand seems a bit flimsy, but I’m successfully using it rotated into Portrait orientation for a better fit on my desk. I suggest the redwood forest background which is great with such a tall monitor. @tomalmy

Monitors for specific uses


Video production


Too soon for me to add to the wiki post since the monitor I ordered hasn’t arrived yet and I can’t review it!
I’ve got a new iMac on order and they apparently won’t connect to my old Dell (and I mean old, at least 15 years) DVI port. So I’ve done a frantic search for 27" 4K monitor that connect via USB-C and have accurate colors when used with Apple gear. I settled on an LG 27UK850-W. I’ll report back in a week when I have the monitor and the new iMac.

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Just chiming in that I’m excited about being able to use Wikis for pages like this. Seems perfect for this group.


Has this thread been closed or moved elsewhere? If I want to bounce thoughts about monitors, should I start my own thread?


The wiki idea seems to have fizzled, so probably starting a new thread is best.