What’s your new favorite calendar app?

Guessing a lot of us have been on a calendar vision-quest since January 29th.

Where have you landed?

(Please no rage posts about subscriptions)


I find myself going more and more back to stock apps lately. I’ve bounced back to just using the stock calendar app. As the cost begins to go up, it forces you to reflect on how much you are using something and how much benefit you’re getting. I think apps that keep a lower price/subscription cost, will get less per user but a larger user base. Whereas, more expensive apps will get a smaller, more power user focused, base. I think it all depends on where the developer wants to take things and which crowd they want to serve. It is certainly probably more preferable to have a smaller group to support at a higher price point.


Fanstastical. When the update came out, I assumed incorrectly that subscribing was the only option. But nonsubscription v3 is working just as well for me as v2 did, and it looks a little nicer, so I’m sticking with it.


Calendars by Readdle. I checked it out after the Fantastical change (I don’t begrudge them, it’s just too expensive for what I would use it for).

I find it to work really well for me! The month display is great and what I use the most often. I appreciate the natural language I put.

I think it is a sharp app and am really happy with it.


Fantastical (V2 Legacy functionality) on iOS and macOS.

Fastmail web interface on Windows.

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Why does it have to be new?

I’ve been using Readdle Calendars 5 (and a few versions before that) for years. On the Mac I use Calendar 366 as a menu bar clock replacement that also shows my events with a click, and again for years I’ve used a Mac app front end for Google Calendar (lots of them around) or even the web view


Fantastical has been my main calendar app for years on both Mac and iOS/iPadOS.

I’m using it more than ever since Fantastical 3 was introduced. I especially like the feature parity and user interface consistency across Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

My primary reasons for using Fantastical:

  • I :heart: the UI. So much attention to detail.
  • Calendar Sets are very helpful for honing in on the appointments that are most relevant. I’m happy to be able to use them on my iPhone and iPad in addition to my two Macs.
  • Most of my meetings are on Zoom, so having Zoom integration is very helpful.
  • I find it very convenient to be able to create new events based on Templates.
  • While I haven’t used it yet, I’m sure I’ll make good use of the Propose Meeting Times feature in the future.
  • I really like the Apple Watch app (that has become more reliable after a recent update).

I also occasionally use BusyCal for Mac (included in Setapp). Most notably, I find that Filter feature helpful. For example, I have a Filter that shows me a list of all of the upcoming sessions that I’m teaching/leading based by filtering on some text in the calendar event.


It doesn’t, but I couldn’t find an easy way to add that caveat in the moment.

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I’m using stock Calendar for the Mac (while using Fantastical for entering new events) and Fantastical v2 for the iPad and iPhone.

I am considering trying Calendar 366 for all my devices. I’m keen on the idea of a consistent interface.

Can anyone tell me how’s the natural language input for Calendar 366 compared to Fantastical? Or other deal-breakers?

I moved back to Apple Calendar.

Not because I object to the subscription, which wasn’t worth it for me. I also think that Fantastical were very fair with previous purchasers.

But the seemingly constant (but probably not) pop ups in the new version of Fantastical every time I opened it about the subscription were slowing down my workflow and annoying me.


Same here. It really was the popups for me as well. Wish they allowed you to suppress those after a reasonable amount of being advertised to.


Likewise, using Apple Calendar.

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Which pop up?

Did you already “own” version 2?

Same here - Fantastical’s “killer feature” for me has always been the “ticker”, especially on iPhone, for reading appointments - most of my appointment creation is actually done in Outlook (via a Citrix session) as it is for my day job.

Calendar 366 for Mac and iOS, and the stock Calendar.

I’m (still) using BusyCal on macOS. It’s highly customizable and doesn’t get in the way.


Fantastical. I rely heavily on my calendar and I’ve tried lots of apps over the years - none have worked better for me than Fantastical. With the new views and favorite timezone support, it’s even more valuable to me.

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BusyCal. It comes in Setapp and has everything I need. I had been using Fantastical but didn’t want or need the subscription features (I’m okay with subscriptions in principle). I’ve recently left OF for GoodTask which syncs with the stock Reminders app. BusyCal nicely shows these reminders. At present, I’m happy.

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Been using BusyCal on Mac and iOS for several years now. I like the features and organization of the Mac app and its integration with BusyContacts. The iOS app really is just coming along for the ride.

I owned whatever the previous version was, but this was automatically updated to the latest version and the Pop Up’s appeared.

It’s not like I used the natural language a massive amount, or the Tasks, or anything else. But I liked the app previously and preferred it to the Stock Apple app.