What’sApp for iPad

Does anyone know why there isn’t a WhatsApp app for iPad?
There are 3 separate apps in the app astore, for the WhatsApp web app.

Not sure of the real reason but the way whatsapp works with Mac/Web I constantly get warnings saying “your phone is not available” and I need to wake my phone up. Perhaps they know their architectural limitation of having everything proxy via the phone would mean a terrible experience on iPad.

The whatsapp for web does work on ipad though

Good to know! I tried once years ago and it did not work.

I thought it had something to do with their end-to-end encryption being device specific?

I think Telegram has a good solution, though, and I may look to switch that way.

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I had previously tried and had a similar experience of What’sApp not working on IPAD and I also get warnings like @Mpacker of having to wake my Iphone up to use on the Macbook. I am not a fan of What’sApp and have just to communicate with certain friends using it. Otherwise, I really like “LINE” as my preferred goto communication platform. Many people that I turned on to LINE also prefer this app as well. I think What’sApp is more popular in USA and Europe but LINE is more popular in Asia. One thing I was shocked to find out that LINE s they typically sell >$250M USD in stickers. That’s What’sup!!!

I’ve got a friend with an iPhone X. We have to communicate using what’s app.
We often send group nsgx to colleagues with android phones. The friend with the iPhone X isn’t able to reply to those group msgs, even when I use iMessage. So, we have to use WhatsApp, even though I recently had bad press about getting access to sensitive data on the users phones.

As consumers. we just never know what apps can access our data.