What shelving unit is in your workspace?

I’m looking for a bookshelf of sorts for my home office. Been living here 9 months and still have boxes on the floor. I have some peculiar requirements, but I really just need inspiration and would love to see where you all keep your books and toys!

Good old Ikea Billy for me.


We’ve repurposed a pie safe for book storage (works well as a toy chest, clothes closet, and bar). The drawers hold stationery and spare office supplies.


Ikea FTW, but we use the Kallax instead. I’ve found them to be more flexible design-wise, and more durable. We’ve carefully slid a number of them around on the floor and even from room to room with stuff on them, and had no issues.

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We have some Kallax furniture in our living room. It’s kind of beat up looking. I like the way the fake Ikea wood feels, but not the way it looks.

I’m looking at open shelves for my office. I can only go 15" deep, and the ceiling is only 7’ high.

Looking at something like this:

I’m guessing no earthquakes where you live? :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha! Good question. No, I’m about an hour outside of Toronto. So worst case scenario is probably flooding from winter?

(Actually, the worst case scenario is flooding from winter that requires removal of the floor, which would require removal of the shelves, but in that situation I have a lot of problems worse than patching a couple holes in my drywall.)

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Just a completely random thought. I was looking at displays for crafting fairs and trade shows at one point, and ran across stuff like this:

If being able to take the shelf down and move it in the future is a consideration, those are very modular and easy to move (other than the books, obviously) while hitting a mid-point between completely closed off (like the Kallax) and completely open (like that one you linked).

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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These are very cool, thanks! I was looking at a few similar things. Ikea used to sell something kind of like this, but without the lattice look, and the bottom of it was just drawers, which would have been kinda cool too. It was only ever available in white, which was a bummer for me, and then they discontinued it.

I like this idea; I could probably build it out myself as a wall-mounted thing.

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Do you play the viola (is it)? (Looks too big to be a violin in the photo.) Or is it just a decoration?


Cello, my wife plays it.

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Ironically, it looked smaller than a cello. I’ll do better next time. I’m a huge fan of the cello, especially for its part in the basso continuo in the Baroque. There is also a cello part in the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 that I particularly enjoy.

As to something germane to the topic: my shelving (at the moment) is unworthy for this thread (nice but oh so boring). I’m working on some ideas that I will glean from this post. So, thanks to @snelly for posting.


Me, too. And I agree, the photo makes it hard to tell the size.

From: Essay by Tod Machover in Sherry Turkle’s Evocative Objects