What smart mailboxes do you use with Apple Mail?

I’ve started using the Apple Mail again after ditching Spark for the time being. I like that it’s easier to see a lot of messages at once and appreciate being able to sort by subject and sender.

One of the things is revamping my smart mailboxes, what smart mailboxes do you use? Also for some reason, my flags aren’t showing up they just display the words Red for the color. I’m already a Sanebox user so that’s been helpful. Also any help in setting up email signatures?

I’m a pretty basic mail (and mail.app) user; I have one that collects emails that are some sort of long form reading (tidbits newsletter, or roden and ridgeline) in a smart folder so I can read them when I have time.

The rule is quite simple, when the mail arrives it gets flagged, mark as read and archived, and the folder collects flagged items. This is the only way I found to have the smart folder on iOS (called “specials”).

I don’t use flags in other ways, but if the need of differentiate arises I guess I could get by with different flag colors.

Other smart mailboxes just collect mail of the same kind if I need to refer to them later (receipts, for instance).

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The smart mailboxes that I use tend to be date-based filters, like “This week” or “Last Week” or “Yesterday.”

That’s about it.

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Those seem really reasonable to use, I might consider those same ones as well.

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 6.18.54 PM

I’m quite fond of my smart mailboxes. I send everything from senders not in my contacts to an Unknown mailbox. I also get emails from my security cameras with motion detection, so I filter those out as well. “Me” is everything in all the account inboxes I care most about.

Seeing “Craigslist” as an option made me nostalgic for back when Craigslist was awesome.