What software is best to play movie and music media from a home server?

For years I’ve simply shared my iTunes library on our home server and played the movies and music on the server through my Apple account. But now we have a need for several of us with individual Apple account to access and enjoy our media (I thought family sharing addressed this but after a consultation with a Genius learned this is not so).

Before I start experimenting please share with me any solutions you have implemented, thank you in advance for your time.

May be relevant: all our media is now in iTunes. I’m hopeful this is not a huge barrier. If the media cannot be played from iTunes, I’d like to converse about ways to get the media out and into the format necessary for this shared usage.

Best I have used so far is Plex but if its run from home server then not all run it I don’t think?

I have a whole zero ideas how to get the media out of iTunes, but plex is kinda the gold standard for media server software. You download the server software, point it at the folders where your Library is stored and it will do on the fly transcodeing to allow you to stream your content wherever

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+1 for Plex.

You say your media is in iTunes. Is it stuff you’ve purchased through the iTunes Store or stuff you’ve gotten into iTunes through other means?

I’ll be totally honest, our family moved to a family Spotify account so that’s something to look into

If your media on iTunes is encrypted then you are stuck with iTunes. I use Plex because all my media isn’t encrypted (DVD/CD rips, purchased digital music from Apple or Amazon).

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My library in iTunes is a mix of purchased movies and ripped dvds.