What to do about Twitter RSS Feeds

Hi MPUers, I just noticed that Reeder (and other RSS apps) stopped pulling feeds from Twitter, this is probably because of the API changes or Twitter blocking it. Any other solutions to make this works or pull feeds from Twitter without the Twitter app? I like to have everything I consume consolidated in one app.

I use Readwise Reader as my RSS reader. In Readwise it is possible to subscribe to Twitter lists. So I made a Twitter list of all Twitter accounts I want to follow in Readwise and subscribed to that list. Readwise Reader now generates two feed entries per day (morning and evening) with all new tweets from all the list members. So I can follow them without using a Twitter app or the Twitter website. This method still works today, my guess is that Readwise pays Twitter/X for the data.


Like the app but damn it’s subscription :neutral_face: . Can’t pay $8/month for it. Will keep looking…

My solution to Twitter and Reddit making it difficult to access their services is to use their services less and look for alternative channels to get information.


Sad but true.

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Although I’m sad that these services are less open, I can understand the decision with AI bots pulling the rug from under them and using their data to monetize themselves. It’s in their best interest to fill the holes and stop 3rd parties from accessing their data which also impacts us unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

From the Reddit User Agreement:

“You retain any ownership rights you have in Your Content, but you grant Reddit the following license to use that Content:”

From the X Terms of Service:

“You retain ownership and rights to any of your Content you post or share …,”

Who’s data is that now?

Sure, users own the data and they allow users access to the data, but from on their own apps/websites. Lol. They can’t let others eat their lunch, that’s how businesses operate, the can’t let chatbots benefit from the data they host and manage (without paying anything). Gotta cut off that pipe.

I’m sorry, but I do not follow this.

The data on both Reddit and X belongs to the people that post it. They allow Reddit and X to use it. But it does not belong to Reddit or X.

And yes the data is valuable. But Reddit and X killing third party app access has very little to do with “chatbots”, as said “chatbots” have no need for those apps. Reddit and X could have easily set up APIs and licensing to allow third party apps to thrive, while also having licenses for AI companies wanting to use the data.

While the data is valuable to AI companies, how is this in anyway “eating their lunch” as neither Reddit nor X (at least not yet) are in the LLM business? Yes both Reddit and X were late to see that the data was valuable, and let the horse out of the barn so to speak. But AI companies using the data does not in any way threaten the business model of either Reddit or X. Which is selling ads based on user generated content.

The AI companies have already scraped Reddit and Twitter.

I don’t do volunteer work for the super-rich. Whether Reddit and X are profitable is no concern of mine.

I’m with you on this guys :slightly_smiling_face:, I am, and we might not like it, but that’s how it works unfortunately

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BTW, trying to stay on topic, have you found other channels similar to twitter and reddit? I didn’t get into mastadon as they don’t have enough good communities.

I’m into masto, Micro.blog, Tumblr (yes, Tumblr) and Facebook (yes, Facebook). Bluesky seems to be gaining traction.

Masto and Bluesky are stressful nowadays. Too much news and too much of it is bad and scary.

My original point was simply to say that Twitter seems to have made a strategic decision to make it extremely difficult to use the service from anything other than logged in accounts on the web and official client, and I think it’s past the point of trying to work around those constraints.

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More like Elon burning the rug from under them…
He just could not live with 3rd party clients taking a cut of potential (=fantasy) revenue for twitter

So: buy it for 40Bio and then sink it

My suggestion: try mastodon, it’s much less hostile

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Threads gives the most Twitter-like experience (UX, content) but still lacks features. Also, Meta if that’s a factor for you

is this still working for you?

yes, it is still working

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