What to do if I can't get Hazel to pull information out of invoice?

I had sent up a Hazel rule to rename an invoice for the date of the transaction, the vendor name, and the invoice amount. All was great…until this particular vendor changed their PoS system. The old rule won’t recognize the date or invoice amount patterns of the new pdf invoice. I’ve tried a bunch of different patterns but I can’t get Hazel to recognize them. Does anyone have any suggestions I can try? I really don’t want to manually file invoices now…I’m spoiled. The new PoS system does provide the exact information I need in the email that is sent to me but I’m not sure how I could use that data and the attached pdf to solve my problem. any ideas?

Have you tried copying the data out of the PDF into Hazel for matching? Sometimes people use an italicised pipe (|, which looks like |) instead of slashes and other very crazy things to make a PDF look “right”.

I did try copying and pasted the fields out of the pdf but it didn’t work. Oddly, when I copied this:
please pay this amount 25.24
I got this when I pasted into hazel:
please pat this amount please pay this amount 25.24 25.24
I haven’t tried using a pipe in Hazel. I wasn’t aware it was an option. I use a pipe to parse output of configuration files of some network gear but I’m not sure how I’d use it in Hazel. Do you have an example?