What to use to export Health data?

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I’m recording specific health-related readings using a Shortcut, that’s being sent through to Apple Health. My GP would like periodic sight of it. In the past, I used a little app called QS Access(?), that exported a specific field out into an Excel/.csv spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, it appears that QS now crashes upon use – at least that is my experience this side.

On trying a general export of all the Health Data, a 57mb zip file was created. Unzipping this on my Mac, generated a folder structure under “apple_health_export”, that included a “workout-routes” folder, and 2 .xml files.

The one .xml file came in at 316mb, and the other at 845mb. Excel has been trying to open the smaller one for the past several minutes – but I am no longer holding my breath on that working. BBEdit opens it virtually instantly, but then I don’t exactly understand what I am looking at.

So, question:

Has anyone found a simple solution to export the data from a specific field (i.e blood pressure or heart rate or weight or whatever), as opposed to the whole dataset?

You can do this with Shortcuts. Unfortunately Blood Pressure is a trickier one because Systolic and Diastolic are stored separately, so this shortcut relies on you only storing both at the same time.


It creates a CSV and opens it in Numbers.

Weight on the other hand is much easier!


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I use this App:

I’m not sure why I chose this one ($1.99), while there are cheaper ones ($0.99) :wink:

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If you turn off “Heart Rate” in QS Access, it should resolve the crash. I just tested it again and I can generate the table with everything except “Heart Rate.” Its a bit of a shame to miss that data element, but at least the rest of the table generates.

There’s a thread over on the QS Forum about it and the folks in charge of the app know about the bug. Looks like its not an easy one to resolve.

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