What was your "Why did I wait so long?" app of 2018?


I’ll be honest, it took me awhile, and I still have and use Alfred. The problem was that they just behave differently. I was trying to use Launchbar with an Alfred mindset, and they are just different. What made the difference was 1) Setting shortcuts manually, this was huge for consistent behavior and 2) Tweaking the Index. Much of my problems came from searching for things I not yet indexed.



As a longtime LB user, I’m interested in trying Alfred. With LB, it feels like what I want to access is rarely the first, second or third option. I know I can set abbreviations, but that is laborious. I’m intrigued to hear if your experience is different.



I use IzotopeRX on the videos I create. It makes editing go so much faster! Takes care of quieting down many of the breaths, mouse clicks, etc that I want to get rid of. When my shortest courses are 90+ minutes this saves me a TON of time.

Been using it since version 6, am on 7 right now.



I’m stuck on v.3. But I don’t use it much so I really don’t want to spend $399 on the upgrade to the current Standard version (let alone $1200 to upgrade to Advanced). And it’s the Standard, not the cheaper Elements version, this is needed if you want de-ess, de-plosive, mouth de-click, etc.