What would you use for a slippy desk pad?

I’m looking for something that can comfortably fit a Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad on it. The top surface needs to be suitable for ‘mousing’. However, I need the underside to be relatively slippy so that I can simply slide it all out of the way on my desk very quickly.

I often have to change from typing mode to writing mode and I need a quick way to get my keyboard, trackpad and mouse out of the way and then back again when I need them.

Everything I can find is advertised as none-slippy, for obvious reasons.

Ideally, it would be able to slide when I wanted to move it out of the way, but stick in its place when I was using the input devices. I know, I’m asking for the world!

Do you have a desk pad and what do you use?

These are pricey but they look good and are definitely slippy. (Good word!)


I picked up one of these for my desk setup: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07RXRMX6H/

It’s PVC leather with a suade back. Slipperly enough to be able to move it when I want to but doesn’t move around during use. Been quite pleased with it actually, it didn’t cost a lot but does exactly what I wanted it to and looks reasonably smart to.

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Ikea makes desk pads.

They are sticky if you just put your hands on top of them. But if you pushed, they would slide.

not sure, maybe it’ll work for you

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