What's an "Ayoa" — Replaces iMiindMap

I use DropTask and subscribe to it. I find it useful. The developers sent this message today:

We believe that we’ve outgrown DropTask, and that our new name, Ayoa, encompasses everything that we are, and everything we have coming up. We are more than task management - we’ll help you to form great ideas, communicate them, and turn them into reality. Excited? This is just the beginning.

Hmmmm … ayoa.

Daya lighta comea anda mea wanna goa homea?

Do you use DropTask solo, or collaborate with others?

Solo. The collaboration feature is very recent.

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What an odd message. I was bored and curious so did a search, and all I came up with was “are you on acid?”


Which might perfectly explain how they came up with the name.

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Received the Ayoa launch communication today. They have merged iMindMap and DropTask. iMindMap 11 is the last edition. Ayoa takes its place.

I’ve recently read[1] about a bit of pushback against apps that attempt to be all things. Rather, the author advocated using separate tools selected for their ability to do one thing really well. This does put some responsibility on the user, as they are tasked with moving information from one app to the other, rather than eg. clicking a branch on a mind map and turning it into a task list.

This harkens back to the philosophy of command line Unix, small tools that do a single thing well, chained together to perform a task.

Is the cathedral better than the bazaar?

  1. Apologies for lost reference.
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I think that convergence of many of these types of apps are increasing. Todoist announced that later this year they’re introducing a Trello-like mode; ZenKit lets you swith between Trello/kanban board, table, calendar, or list with the click of a button; Taskade now offers task, Trello and database views with a click, etc etc.

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In the case of iMindMap / Droptask --> Ayoa, there was already integration between iMindMap and Droptask in previous releases. The integration wasn’t well implemented, but it was there. And it was optional. What changed is that they abandoned their iMindMap client, and moved the features, in part, into Droptask and called the thing “Ayoa”. So, mind mapping is still optional, as an add-on subscription, but it looks like you cannot buy a stand-alone mindmapping app anymore from OpenGenius. (Not sure, the website is confusing.)

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