What's "Microsoft Outlook wants to use your confidential information stored in...you keychain" about?

What are these about? Can I DENY them all? Allowing one just causes another/different one to appear – over and over and over…


Because of some issues I’m having sending email to OneNote via browsers on our iMac, I wanted to try using Outlook for my Microsoft email.

Sometimes the issue occurs because of the presence of duplicate tokens in the keychain.

If you open Keychain Access and delete anything related to Microsoft the requests will stop (but the next time you launch Microsoft apps you will be required to authenticate).

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@bowline - along those lines, Is it worth deleting Keychain and starting over? What I don’t want to happen is to lose my saved passwords – not sure where that is kept these days…

If you know your Microsoft password(s) (or you can unlock Keychain Access, and view and copy if needed) and you only delete Microsoft items in the keychain, you should be able re-enter and re-save the next time you log in.