What's the best drafting chair?

Lots of threads and info on good desk height chairs but our built in desk is taller than normal but not standing desk height. I need a drafting style chair to sit at it and my current one, gotten used several years ago, has worn out. The seat cusion is so compressed that my legs have a pressure point on the edge of the chair and go to sleep and I am really stiff because there isn’t enough back support either I’ve tried to adapt it by using some extra pillows but that’s clearly a stopgap measure.

The desk height is 32.5 inches from the floor and I need a chair with a seat that is 23-24 inches tall. It’s an in-between size, higher than any desk chairs go but lower than most drafting chairs start. I’ve already looked at the only places I can find locally, the Office Max store has some chairs but all are desk height and too low.

I don’t have any place to go try out chairs so I’ll have to buy on-line based on measurements and suggestions and hope for the best.

Any suggestions?

Just a thought - the piston is really what controls the chair height. When I was going through this process back a ways, I was considering just buying a regular chair and then swapping in a tall piston.

You’d be missing any sort of ring for your feet to rest on, but it’s not great to have your feet on those rings anyway typically.

Not endorsing this particular product or brand, but this is the sort of thing I’d be suggesting:

I would check nextdoor.com for things that might be for sale in your area.

You might find an Aeron stool used at a decent price. I believe that my Aeron (not stool) will be my Last Chair™.

The seat height of the stool is about 4" taller than you want, so putting your desk on risers (for Aeron or any stool) might be helpful in opening up your choices.

It’s a built in countertop in the shape of a a t with a gap in the middle so that we can fish wires down.

Was built into the house. Can’t move or adjust it at all.

ooo I never thought of that, thanks

I’ve never heard of that site. I did check and thay don’t show any resident in the 4 nearest towns

Instead of Nextdoor.com, you need a site called something more like ThreeFieldsOverPastTheBarnTurnRightAtTheStopSign.com. :wink:


Sharing a photo may help. The chair piston sounds like one solution, another may be getting a desk riser and standing.

Or turn left where Rosemarie had her pigs and go until the road narrows then head left over the bridge past the barn w/o a roof. Which only is helpful wif youv’e been here a while since Rosemarie has been gone for at least 30 years. :rofl:


Ignore the mess, this is LambTracker and AnimalTrakker central

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True story. My aunt & uncle moved to a small town in Wisconsin. Every place was “the Smith place” or “the Jones place” or whatever, where Smith / Jones / etc. were the people that had lived there like 100 years ago.

They moved to town, and built a house. This confused everybody.

“Where do you live?”
My aunt & uncle would give an address.
“No, but who lived there before you?”
[stunned silence]


Mess dutifully ignored. If that’s the existing chair, it looks like a pretty standard off-the-shelf office chair. So if you’re happy with everything but the seat / back / etc., you might find that you could get a standard ergo office chair, just build the top part, and toss it on your existing base. That way you wouldn’t even have to mess with custom pistons or anything. Save the rest of the parts for swapping out later if necessary.

I personally have this:

I waited until it went on a good sale and managed to nab it for a little less than $200, and I threw on the SquareTrade protection plan in case anything went wonky with cushion / padding / etc. in the first couple years.

It works well for me, and you can build it with or without the arms depending on your preference.

No, it’s not as good as the fancy Aeron stuff - but it meets my needs just fine. It’s Office Depot / Max’s line of chairs intended for people who actually sit all day, and a year after I got it it’s still doing pretty good. You mentioned that you have an Office Max at least somewhere in your vicinity, so even if you had to order online you could probably return in-store if there was an issue. Although I’d definitely suggest seeing if they have any of them in stock and seeing how they feel, seat-wise.

I also swapped out the coasters, just to help it roll a bit better on my floors. I got these:

They add a tiny bit of height (an inch-ish), but they help it roll much nicer.

Just some thoughts. :slight_smile:

I see. Well it’s your house, you are allowed to use a sledgehammer, saws, drills and make it your own :-). It can be hard to remember that when you have lived there for a long time. How about getting a standing corner frame and putting the existing top on it ?

It’s actually a drafting chair. Got used but i’s mssing some features i like like a seat that I can adjust the tilt of.

Already have those on this chair.

My mom, stepdad and I originally built the house in 1977. My husband and I had it redone in 1999-2000.

Not sure I understand what you mean.

The existing desk (made from kitchen countertop material) is attached to the frame of the house. You can’t move it easily. It also is higher so a standard 2 drawer file cabinet will fit underneath. Not sure where that would go it I did find someone to rebuild it lower.

That’s a really good idea, thanks!

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I’m not recommending this particular model which is expensive, but I was suggesting corner standing desk frame (without the desktop) that you could put the existing kitchen countertop onto.

oh I see. Don’t really know how I’d do that. As I said I’d have to cut the built in supports and remove all the brackets that attach it to the frame of the house. It got built in as we were redoing all the insides and it’s pretty much a fixture like cabinets. And I have two 2 drawer file cabinets underneath that I’d have to move somewhere else if the desk was lower.