What's the current state of terminal apps? Any suggestions?

I’m currently using Core Shell, and since the update to Sonoma I’m getting a lot of text flickering, character distortion, and general “janky” behavior. It’s not updated for Sonoma, and I’m not religiously attached to it or anything - so I’m looking for an alternative.

I know people are talking about Warp, but by my understanding that requires me to make an account and log in to use it. That’s a dealbreaker for me. I’m also not interested in anything related to VSCode, even if it has a perfectly-functional terminal plugin. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind paying for something good though. Recommendations?

Take a look at iTerm.


Seconding the iTerm suggestion. As an old *nix guy, I spend most of my day using the terminal and have been very happy with iTerm for many years.

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I’d agree with looking at iTerm2 first. The GUI config is reasonably good. Integrate Eternal Terminal to replace auto-reconnect. The built-in tag and profile manager should be familiar enough–I don’t know anything about export/import.

kitty is a fun one if you’d rather use text configuration files and want to minimize resource usage.

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I also use iTerm2, it seems enough for me. From time to time I have tried other terminal emulator apps but with some glitches here and there… I have not found any compelling reason to switch from iTerm, but I guess @webwalrus sure knows about iTerm, of course.

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Yup, I’m aware of iTerm. I switched to Core Shell back a ways when I was trying SetApp because I wanted to try the apps they offered for various purposes, and I liked it - so I stayed.

iTerm2 is at the top of my list of apps to replace Core Shell with; I just figured there might be something awesome I wasn’t aware of. :smiley:

Warp is one of the new kids on the block, but I still prefer iTerm2.

I’ve used Warp for about a yaar or so and really like it.

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I read quite a few good things about WezTerm lately. Personally I’m still using iTerm2 though. The ability to open profiles directly from Alfred is one of the reasons for me.


Long time iTerm2 user but have fallen in love with Termius. Has everything nicely built-in.

I use iTerm, but you might want to hold off a bit if you otherwise like your current option - there are some definite windowing bugs in Sonoma that I hope will be cleared up soon. It seems to hit techier software, like R: macos - How can I stop my R console and other R windows "flickering" after I updated my Mac OS to Sonoma 14.0? - Stack Overflow

I just now discovered Warp. It just does all the things I want right outta the box! And the fonts/colors, etc. are awesome…

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What features have drawn you to Warp over other terminal emulators? I am currently using the macOS Terminal.app as part of a general trend towards using stock apps if they are “good enough”. This is after several years of using Alacritty which, if others are looking for alternatives, I would recommend considering.

Looking at Warp’s website, the first thing I see is “the terminal reimagined with AI”. Perhaps it is how I use my terminal emulator, but I am not sure I have ever wanted it to have more than a standard basic feature set.

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Looks like Warp still requires you to create an account and to log in before you can use it.

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Hard to describe but the ui/ux is unlike any other terminal emulator I’ve seen in decades. Feels more like a native MacOS app. Auto-completion is automatic. No configuration fiddling required…

Yes, as collab is a focus. I just logged in w/ my GitHub account so I didn’t have to mess w/ setup. I don’t collab nor have I tried the AI features yet. But it has replaced Kitty…

The AI feature in Warp is nice for a beginner like me. If you don’t understand how to do something or get an error message it can provide helpful explanations with examples.

follow-up - in case you’d like a quick overview (3.5 minutes) here is a very nice video from Warp

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