What's wrong with this picture?

New Microsoft Office updates claim to be bug fixes only. But, is that all?

I’m not sure I folllow you.

They’ve quietly updated their icons.

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I wondered the same thing. It’s featured on the App Store. It states that there have been a lot of improvements to the collaborative features of Office. So that might be it. And maybe just a mistake in the notes?

Not too quietly; they first discussed it in November.

They highlighted the icon change in the release notes on 3/19, too. I happened to grab a screenshot because I was bemused by the writing.

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Such awful icons. Totally out of place on iOS and MacOS.


so you think the bug that they fixed must have been “icons not ugly enough” ? I’m ok either way, I just object to icons changing or other significant changes without any announcement in the release notes. Duolingo regularly changes the lab environment for its polyglot lab rats with nothing more in the release notes than “bug fixes”.

I think they look crisp and modern. I vastly prefer these icons to Adobe’s 2006 too-clever color-wheel/Periodic Table of Elements icons rebrand.

I’m not really thrilled by the new logo’s but that aside, has anyone noticed that MS office now seems to be a little faster on the Mac? My 2015 Macbook Pro used to take 7 bounces of the icon to open an office app and now it takes 5. Or is it an illusion?