What's your favorite Ulysses Theme or Style?

I have been playing around a bit with the Ulysses style exchange. I am currently using the “Gold and Cobalt” theme. I like the colors (similar to my alma mater’s as you can see from my logo) and that it gives a good degree of contrast between the different formatted parts of the document.

I do everything in dark mode, and this theme appears to work the same regardless of which mode you are in, but some of the themes don’t retain their look from light to dark mode.

As far as export styles go, I am a lawyer, and we like our finished product to be as vanilla as possible. I just basically duplicated the included Papers style and made a few modifications to it, mostly related to spacing and block quoting.

I am interested to see what Ulysses themes or styles other people in the forum are using for their work.

Using Solarized everywhere (or a variant thereof). I have been convinced by this article that dark mode actually hurts productivity. but white light hurts your eyes… I find light Solarized themes a very good and easy compromise. And I’m banishing dark modes everywhere, except on photo and video apps.


Well you’ve made me “see the light” with that article! ha ha. I’m back to light mode.

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The Style Exchange has some nice styles, it’s so fast and easy to customize (or create from scratch) there’s little reason not to.

This is the custom style I made and have been using since last year:

I believe it’s built on the the bones of the D14 theme.