What's your favourite Music or Soundtracks to listen to when getting work done?

Focus@Will (subscription) - “Alpha Chill” station - uptempo. My subscription is due in a few weeks, so I’m planning to try some of the other suggestions in this group to see if I can avoid the fee. Thanks everyone!

WOW - i’m shocked this no longer an option as I stalked via google alerts the chance to buy lifetime plan at good deal

Pretty bummed that brain.fm website masks pricing in general smh

Big up the Jóhannsson - a beautiful musician gone too soon.


I always listen to classical and opera. I’m a huge classical nerd, so listening to some of my favourite pieces really calms me down when settling in to do something :blush:

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I listen to classical and (lyricless) jazz. I wrote the last month of my dissertation listening to Handel’s Water Music pretty much on loop. It’s definitely associated with focus for me, so I put it on whenever I need to push myself.

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if you like Handel, then you will love Giulio Cesare, just a tip :wink:

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