What's your favourite shelf app?

I have Copied, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it. Is the typical use case copying multiple items to the clipboard, then going to Copied to paste each one into another app(s)?

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Copied gets my vote.

I’m in the @Mark_Anthony_Donnell camp! I think I own them all but don’t use any on a routine basis. I know I would benefit from use, but simply can’t break the muscle memory of old habits and workflows!

Should I ever mend my ways, Gladys for the win!

On Mac, its Evernote.
On iOS, it varies –
Drafts for text, links - just info to capture on what interests me.
OF for researching and which involves more time
Evernote and DT sometimes depends on what I am trying to do with the shelf. ( If I need to research and make notes – Short duration Evernote and Long term DevonThink)

Mostly between Drafts and OF I am done. Rest is the Wallet taking. :slight_smile:

Unclutter is on sale right now. Bought it now, because Yoink, which I used before, is a little annoying to me: Every once in a while it covers just the space on the screen I need. So I hope with Unclutter that`s better, since I deliberately have to open it.


Gladys and Copied for text.

I bought Gladys, Yoink, Workshelf and the first one that was ever created but got usurped by the others. I use Copied for text and the other “shelf” apps for iOS I never use. I don’t work enough on the iPad to use them.

I keep trying to work on the iPad but the freedom my Mac affords me by way of automation (and a clicky mechanical keyboard in DAS Professional for Mac) makes it sticky. It is still far too cumbersome to work on the iPad for me.

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I’m sure there are some advantages to tools like Gladys but I’m also on team copied. I picked it up before iOS 11 and it seemed close enough to a shelf app that I didn’t see the need for anything else.

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I use Yoink because the information in it is easily accessible, but I wish the information could be synced across devices like Gladys and Copied, which I also use for different reasons.

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So, is the majority view that Copied alone does everything that Gladys can do, and that Copied alone is sufficient for most (all?) needs?

I’ve bought them all and think Gladys is the best but I can’t get around that icon.


I would have to agree about the icon - pretty hideous

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Yoink with copied or notes for text

I downloaded Gladys to check out based on a ScreenCastsOnline video. I forgot I had purchased Copied a while ago but never got into it.

I guess I have some work ahead of me trying out both.

That’s what I’ve been using as well, Yoink for documents and files, and Copied for text. I have the macOS and iOS versions of Yoink, and I wish they synced over iCloud like Copied does.

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I have Gladys, Pastebot and Copied, but I seldom use the latter two. Gladys and the native clipboard serve 95% of my requirements on both macOS and iOS.

Yoink on the Desktop, Gladys on iOS. Running Sierra so I can’t use Mac Gladys. I rarely keep anything in either for more than a few minutes.

Is there a reason to use Gladys if I’m already using Copied? Can Gladys do anything that Copied can’t?

On the Mac, I use Yoink for documents, files and images, Copied for text. Just got a new 2018 iPad 6 gen (not iPad Pro) this afternoon. Very impressed with split screen multitasking with Copied and other apps. My precious iPad was too old to support that


I’ve given up on Gladys on both platforms - worked well but all the extra info just got in the way when I just wanted to drag a file & have it available a few minutes later, Now using Yoink, which I’ve had in my Mac since 2011 or so,& the iOS version looks fine for my needs.

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“previous iPad.” Not “precious iPad.” Just noticed the typo. Ha!

@dfay Yes, I still haven’t found a use for Gladys. Or for Yoink on the iPad, though I still use it a few times a week on the Mac. I’m still using Copied for transferring text between apps on the iPad and iPhone.