What's your iOS 18 wishlist?

For me, in no order:

  • Cron or equivalent
  • iMessage draft sync
  • better spam call filtering (I don’t know much about this or how possible it is)
  • more advanced/better native photo editing
  • native clipboard manager
  • iMessage send later
  • improved notifications, admittedly not sure what I’m looking for here, just “better” :slight_smile:
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A major overhaul of iPadOS specifically (not going to happen, though), including, but not limited to:

  • The mess that is the Share sheet
  • The disaster that is the Files app (third-party cloud support, data loss on copy to external drives, freezes on using SMB shares)
  • More control over the iCloud Drive on the iPad; it’s useless currently when you are offline and the iPadOS decides to purge some contents
  • Multi-user or at least some sort of multi-profile support to eliminate the need to mess with Focus modes (also not going to happen; they want to sell more iPads)
  • Something useful for the top status bar on the iPad - notification icons perhaps?
  • The floating keyboard control thingy that is entirely useless when using the external keyboard and is currently impossible to get rid of, but always manages to get in the way, needs to go away permanently
  • Consistent keyboard shortcuts support across the OS and the apps
  • Re: previous point, require of developers to support keyboard shortcuts when releasing the new versions of their productivity apps for the iPad, or else reject their submissions to the store
  • More space for icons in the Dock on the 13” model
  • Denser grid of icons on the home screen or the ability to place them freely whenever we want
  • A proper clipboard manager with iCloud sync support or at least an API for third-party apps to, when approved, access the clipboard while in background
  • Local TM-like backups to an external drive for the iPad, to help managing workflows relying on large files
  • Fixes to the Stage Manager (everything that Viticci has been telling them for years).

Maybe the M4 will enable some of these ‘advanced’ features. :wink:

In reality we’ll get the Calculator app and Apple will call it a day re: iPadOS 18. /s


I can see you’ve given his some thought! :grinning:


These are for the iPhone:

  • Full file system access similar to macOS
  • First-class citizenship for all third-party cloud storage and syncing
  • Ability to change/increase the number of rows and columns on the home screens/dock
  • Better multitasking and the ability to show two apps/windows on one split screen, especially on Max iPhones
  • Text replacement features similar to those on third-party Mac text expansion utilities (e.g., insert current date, times, etc.) and better reliability
  • Ability to place app icons and widgets anywhere you want without iOS force-auto-arranging them (IIRC this one is already in an alpha or beta build)


  • Fix iCloud so it syncs files quickly and reliably between my iPhone and Mac and doesn’t get stuck and confused over and over and over and…
  • Clipboard manager that works in the background
  • Split keyboard support on the iPad
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All notification red badges moved to the status bar at the top a la the Apple Watch. No notification red badges on individual app icons.


I would not be mad if it was something like this

Plus I would love to be able to control iCloud downloads more instead of having the files app making all the decisions. And some better multiple languages support in maps and Safari.

As I said in another discussion: A little paste button on the keyboard is all I ask for.
Oh, and yes, the OS not offloading files to the cloud that I saved five minutes ago because I need them currently (why else would I get them on my device anyway?), that would be really considerate.


iPadOS - More extended monitor support. I want to use dual monitors with my iPad, and let apps takeover multiple monitors. I could finally use my iPad as my only work device with VDI.

If they are somehow adding Reminders to Calendar I’m happy!

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