WhatsApp on the share sheet by default


I’m not complaining about this one, in fact I’m loving it but I’ve seen it come and go before AND I can’t find anyone I know who is also experiencing it so I’m coming to you folks.

So riddle me this…

How come my share sheet now serves up WhatsApp as an option? In fact because I use it so much it now (correctly) shows me the last several contacts I’ve contacted via WhatsApp. Everyone I’ve checked this with (especially other predominantly WhatsApp users) are not reporting this same loveliness.

Are any of you also experiencing this change???


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Yes I get WhatsApp recommendations mixed in with SMS and AirDrop.

It suggests both individuals and groups in the list.

Never noticed it before but it’ll be pretty useful!

I had it a few months back and then it mysteriously disappeared, which was annoying. But it’s back now. I hope it stays there.

@Marcus, WhatsApp did add the feature earlier but had to remove it because of stability issues. Now that it is back, I too hope that it is here to stay!

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yeah I get all what I use, whatsapp, telegram, airdrop, You name it

Interesting to hear that it was a WhatsApp driven function and not Apple :thinking:

I chat with people who are almost exclusive WhatsApp users, so I use WhatsApp every day (way more than iMessage). I have not ever, ever seen a WhatsApp contact show up on the share sheet, whether iOS 13 or 14 beta. Consider yourself lucky and hope it sticks around!

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Same here. Majority of the podcasts I listen to are based out of the States – and whilst most have become better at acknowledging other messaging services – I still get the impression that they dont fully comprehend how insignificant Messages is in so many countries (heck, continents) outside of the US.

So this change has really made this functionality so much better. Whilst I might send several thousand messages a year, I think about 5/6/7 of those, in total, might be sent from Messages.app.


I see WhatsApp appearing in Share Sheet a few months ago, then it was buggy and they take it down. As of a few weeks ago, WhatsApp put it back on. It is a feature that’s implemented by WhatsApp and I thought it for everybody. Looks like they are probably implementing it in phases or by countries.

Ah-ha. I just checked my wife’s iPhone (she’s on stable iOS 13) and I can see her WhatsApp recent contacts on the share sheet. I’m guessing that my running iOS 14 beta has rendered this feature inoperative until WhatsApp gets updated to run on 14 (and while you’re at it, get that iPad app released, will ya? :wink:)

I am on iOS 14 beta and I get the share sheet! Strange :confused:

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100% the same. I barely ever send imessage texts

I have no idea why they don’t make it possible on iPad. That’s always baffled me.

Saw your post and said to myself “ok, I have to figure this out!” So I went ahead and backed up all my chats and media, uninstalled the app, reinstalled it and gave it a couple of days to learn. Lo and behold, I’m now seeing WhatsApp contacts in my share sheet. :smiley: Thank you!


I’m glad it work out for you!!

Wouldn’t it be great to have it on the iPad?! Hopefully soon.

I can’t imagine many people have all their friends who are exclusively iPhone users. This makes WhatsApp far better for group messaging. You don’t even need to think about it.