When are we getting the Journal app on iOS 17?

Has this been released yet on the Developer Beta? Nowhere to be seen on the most recent Public Beta as of last week. Looking forward to it. I see Notability got a bit of a long overdue UI update (not that it works any better) probably feeling the fear of Apple’s free built in solution.

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The Journal app is listed as due later this year

From Apple’s iOS 17 features

Presumably after the new iPhones are released next month.

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I can’t wait, I’m very curious to see how it compares to Day One.


You just spoke for millions @top.wing8126


I knew it was later this year, but I was hoping / thinking it might have come mid developer beta or public beta

It’ll likely be in a beta - just not a 17.0 beta. Betas continue throughout the year for the point releases. So if it drops in iOS 17.1, there’d be a beta of 17.1 before 17.1 ships to the public.

I’d forgotten about that, and just (finally!) signed up for Day One this morning!

I’m in the 1 month free trial, so I’ll use it to get myself in the habit, then have a think.

It seems like a huge miss that this isn’t coming to Mac & iPad (if it is, I haven’t seen any evidence). Given the integration with other apps, I understand the challenge. I imagine features like Health app on iPad are a precursor to Journal on iPad. But I’m never going to do my primary journalling on my phone…


It’s not coming to the Mac?! ah no that’s terrible. No good to me until it is

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