When I click a text message from my sister in Notification Center on my Mac, it instead shows the text message as if I'd texted myself help!

So as the long title states. My sister texts me and I click on either the notification if it appears on the top right of my screen or in notification center on my Mac. It then goes to Messages and shows me as the person texting. For example if she says “hey are you going to go to the store?” I then click on it and it goes to my phone number and I end up texting myself. I have to scroll down or draft a new text message to respond to her. Frustrating and unsure why this is, any help would be appreciated.

Isn’t iMessage great? When it works.

I’ve never heard of this specific problem but some of the things I’ve tried in the past are:

  1. Sign out of iMessage on all devices, then sign back in. - If that doesn’t help:
  2. Reset all network settings and if necessary, repeat step 1.

Normally one or both of the above have fixed the problem for me.

Seems like I recall having the wrong time/date can cause also problems. I’d check the email addresses and phone numbers in the Messages setup. And also take a look at the addresses & numbers in both your & your sisters listing in Contacts.

I’m no expert. My old Mac mini decided one day that I was not allowed to use Messages any longer. I tried everything including nuking the HD and a clean install. It never worked on that Mac again.

Good luck.

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I’ll look at the contact numbers but I don’t think that’s the case. How do I sign out of iMessage on my iPhone? Would it be signing out of iCloud? I’ll try signing out and signing back in on my devices and hopefully that’ll help.

Adding another angle: Is there a chance you and your sister share, or previously shared, an Apple ID?

As @Wolfie and @Scottisloud have pointed out, it appears you and your sister have “something digital” in common. You might want to ask your sister to check her phone (Contacts, iMessage preferences, etc.) if you don’t find the problem

Sign Out can be found in the Messages app under Preferences, iMessage.
(The email addresses & phone numbers associated with your iMessages are listed at the bottom of this same window.)

Probably wouldn’t hurt to sign out & reboot before signing back into Messages.


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@WayneG’s solution of signing in and then out on my Mac worked. That said @Wolfie I actually really wish your mention of grouping messages was enabled in iOS as well. I say that as I have a few friends that over the years have changed phone numbers. Would be nice to select a number as default and it all to appear in the same thread.

Although multiple people speculated about a shared contact phone number together in my and my sister’s contacts (very fair point), this doesn’t seem to be the case. Good idea though.

Also a side note, is there an app that can search for duplicated phone numbers/info in contacts on iOS or Mac? That would help as well.

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