When two keyboard shortcuts happily collide

I was experimenting with and refining my workflow yesterday when I encountered a serendipitious collision of the OF and Fantastical keyboard shortcuts. Although I use Things 3 I was going through my system preferences and creating additional keyboard shortcuts. When I invoked a test quick entry shortcut for OF (still on my computer) both the OF quick entry window and Fantastical’s menu calendar popped up. My initial reaction was frustration, “great, I have to create a different shortcut to avoid this conflict.” Then suddenly it dawned on me, “wait, this is great, having Fantastical pop up at the same time as the quick entry dialog box will help me choose the best date on the fly.” I’m going to set this up as the Things quick entry shortcut.

I’m sharing this because there may be others who would like this setup as well.

Here are the screenshots, note that I have Fantastical’s menu calendar set to “Keep Mini Window in Front.”


hey, it’s nice that you found a (quoting Bob Ross) ‘happy little accidents’!

more often than not conflicting shortcuts is frustrating, but this case of summoning two productivity apps is good

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Indeed! :slight_smile:

20 …

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