When will we see a Apple Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard 3 update with a touch bar and touch id?


since the touch bar has been introduced on the Mbp Pros I am waiting for an update for the external Apple Magic Keyboard with a touch bar and touch id?. Do you think this will ever happen? (I know there are some workarounds with a secondary iPad display etc to achieve this), but I never really understood why Apple is not giving Mac Pro users similiar hardware features like Mbp users.

Also while thinking about this I found a great keyboard tray for the current apple magic trackpad and magic keyboard, which mimics the sizes and shape of an MBP Keyboard and Trackpad for the external hardware. I ordered it and like it a lot. It really feels like I am using a Macbook Pro in front of my external monitors. Also they say they will ship a self made keyboard with a touch bar in 2022. Let’s see who is faster :wink: https://bullettrain.com/products/express-keyboard-platform#

Touch Bar and Tocuh ID would be great!!

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I’m holding out for FaceID.

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I don’t see how they could do the secure enclave stuff over a Bluetooth connection.

Microsoft did it, but I’m not sure how secure it was.

Praying for Face ID! :pray:

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Touch ID would be great. I use a MBP with external keyboard, mouse, and display, and I have to reach across my desk to activate Touch ID, like an animal.


No touchbars for me, ever.

Likely by the time the Apple Car becomes available!

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I run my MBA in clamshell mode ,ost of the time and would love having TouchId but agree about the security implications. Don’t see how it could be implemented. I have enjoyed being able to unlock with my watch. Just wished it worked with 1Password.

Now in relation to this, thee news sound very interesting: https://9to5mac.com/2020/12/29/apple-patents-reconfigurable-mac-keyboard-with-small-display-for-each-key/

I really hope the Touch Bar is not added to the external keyboards. I use the function keys when programming extensively, and also use them as hot keys throughout MacOS. I couldn’t stand working without them. I found the Touch Bar a complete pain as I was accidentally touching it all the time when aiming for other keys. The Touch ID would be nice though.

My guess is that this is not happening. My guess is that Apple costed it out and determined that a keyboard or trackpad with a Touch Bar would cost more to sell than people would be willing to pay.

You can change the keyboard settings so that the Touch Bar always shows the function keys.
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 1.36.40 PM
I don’t think we can safely assume the expensiveness of an external keyboard with the Touch Bar/Touch ID though.

I know this, but have to look down to use them, it isn’t like a row of function keys for me in practice. If I don’t look down I often hit the wrong key. I much prefer my Magic Keyboard rather than the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro.

Ah, okay. I’m used to touch typing. :sweat_smile:

I mean that I can’t touch type with the Touch Bar’s function key mode enabled. For some reason I hit the wrong key when there’s not a physical key. I don’t need to look down when I’m using the Magic Keyboard.

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Relearn touch typing?