When would be the best time to buy an Apple Watch Series 6.0

I’ve had my sights set on getting an Apple Watch 6 (new or refurb) but have been waiting until my Fitbit expired, which it has.

I think/guess that a new Apple Watch could be released in September. Does that typically mean a price drop in older watches, such as the 6?

Thanks for any insights…


Yes there is typically a price drop. Sometimes it will be because the latest model is retained in the lineup at a lower price. Sometimes it will be because the latest model is dropped from the lineup and your local third party retailers decide to clear out old stock. It can pay to check if your local retailers have stock prior to the impending announcement of new devices. Sometimes Apple will stop shipping the latest model before the new one comes out and your local retailers will drop the price to sell old stock but there might only be one left on the shelf anyway and it goes before you can grab it, at which point you can’t really get the discount.

It’s difficult to decide whether to buy the 6 or the 7. Yes, the 6 should be cheaper. But it’ll be less functional and will have a shorter life (in all probability). I don’t know when any 6 you see now was actually manufactured - and that might have some slight bearing on battery life.

For me, I’d always go for the newest. But budget and “I don’t care about the new; I just want a valid watch” might lead you to the 6.

The one thing I wouldn’t do is buy it right. Own- just before the expected announcement of a new one. Unless there’s a really good deal.

If the basic features are important, and price is important, then I feel like the SE (or equivalent device) from most apple product lines is probably the best option. Is that reasonable for Apple watches? (I’m not yet in the market for one myself)

I would buy it now from a place like Costco which has good return policy and longer duration for returning. Just don’t open it till the announcement of new one in September. If the price drops then you can get price adjustment done if you still want a Series 6. You can also return hassle free if you want a Series 7.

Yeah, I’ve often seen price drops when a new Apple Watch is released. You’re definitely better off waiting until September or October.

FWIW, we bought an N-1 Apple Watch for my son at our local Best Buy just after Apple released a new version N (IIRC we bought him a 4 when the 5 came out?)

They had a lot of stock they were trying to get rid of, and the prices were really good, as I remember it. Plus he was able to walk out of the store with it, rather than waiting for it to ship, which he enjoyed.

If (as Apple do) the battery is stored at close to 50% then the impact of being in storage is minimal.

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Oh course I went done the rabbit hole, as one might do, and looked at other manufacturers (FitBit, Whoop) but for what I want:

  1. sleep tracking
  2. activity tracking
  3. hr
  4. decibals
  5. time

an Apple Watch is really the other way to go for all of those, that I see. Now I guess I need to wait and see what the Series 7 has…