WhenWorks Going Away [Update: It did not]

I received sad news that WhenWorks is shutting down at the end of the year.

I’ve been a happy paying customer since they launched, but I must have been in the minority.

As a Fastmail user, I can’t jump on the Calendly/Accuity bandwagons.

Harmonizely seems to be my only option.

Such a shame, I had WhenWorks all beautifully organised with multiple meeting types, etc.


Can you resort to using a Google Calendar instance to indicate and schedule open appointment slots?


Any chance you could provide a link with more info? Also a WhenWorks user.

Thanks, it unfortunately that won’t work for me.

I received an email from the developer. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any further information on their website.

Strange. I was a premium subscriber until a few days ago…

The email was sent on 21 October from info@when.works and reads:

We regret to inform you that WhenWorks will be shutting at the end of the year on Dec. 31, 2019.

The product is no longer for sale and you will not be billed for any further use.

Until the end of the year the app will run in trial mode. You can ignore any warnings about exceeding the number of free meetings per month, as the app will allow you to schedule an unlimited number of meetings per month during this transition period.

Thank you for your support.

It’s all a bit terse. I assume they weren’t making money, but they also didn’t seem to really try? The social media accounts for When Works and John Chaffee haven’t seen activity; and I never saw much buzz about the product after its launch.

It’s a real shame, because it was a very clever solution and pitched at an affordable price.

I had a demo Zoom meeting with the developer of Harmonizely. The software seems to offer all the equivalent features of WhenWorks and the best part is that it has Fastmail support.

I’m giving it a two-week trial, but at this point, it seems the best option for me.

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I’m reviving this old thread. Harmonizely worked well for me, but it’s been acquired by a larger company and I’m sure it’s in a care and maintenance mode. I’m not motivated to subscribe for another year now the Founder is gone.

I know @RosemaryOrchard acquired WhenWorks, but it doesn’t appear that anything has happened with it since? It’s probably still the front-runner in terms of a booking system that will be compatible with my Fastmail CalDAV calendars (albeit via iOS).

Has there been any other changes in the world of booking apps that work with Fastmail/CalDAV since I last looked?

WhenWorks is actually being worked on by a new team right now! They have to make some pretty large under the hood changes to take advantage of modern iOS but work is underway.

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This is very encouraging news!

I found SavvyCal after I posted my last message, and that is currently my leading candidate for a server-side solution.

SavvyCal is the best currently in the market.

Cal.com if you want to self host.