WhenWorks v. Calendly

WhenWorks looks enticing. I’ve reviewed their explanation of the differences between the two services, but have any of you actually compared the two yet? I know @KatieFloyd mentioned using both on the last MPU+.

I’ve been using ScheduleOnce for many years and it remains my tool of choice.

I recently took a look at Acuity and was impressed…but it was missing a few key features from ScheduleOnce, most notably:

  • When someone schedules an appointment with me it’s automatically added to their calendar (basically it’s the same as receiving a calendar invite). All of the other calendar solutions I’ve looked at rely on people clicking the “Add to Calendar” button. Which might not seem like a big deal, but I could see people forgetting to do this or not seeing the confirmation email.
  • ScheduleOnce has great integration with Google Calendar. For example, I can reschedule an appointment booked in ScheduleOnce simply by moving the appointment in my calendar app. I’m not sure if they offer this level of integration with other calendar systems.

I’ve never used Calendly, but have heard good things. My understanding is that it’s simpler to configure than some of the other solutions out there, but that it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features of some of the other services.

I’ve heard of WhenWorks, but don’t have any experience with this one either.

The best solution will likely come down to what’s the best fit for your use case(s) and how much you want to spend. Fortunately there are a lot of great options to choose from.

None of these services are perfect. You really have to live with them for while and see what fits your needs best.

The free tier of WhenWorks is full featured with a limit of 5 events per month before you pay. So you can try it without paying. Calendly is limited in their free tier (There may be a trial period).

If your scheduling for personal/social stuff I think WhenWorks will be fine. Calendly is a more mature product and comes with features like much more personalized notifications and customization. Acuity Scheduling goes even further with more advanced features and payment options.

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After trialling Calendly and WhenWorks, today I bought an annual subscription to WhenWorks. Already today it has saved me a bunch of time booking meetings with clients.

The only issue I’ve encountered so far is that it’s web page for time selections uses US date format, which as an Australian drives me mad! Day-Month-Year is the right way to do it!

Hah! You mean YYYY-MM-DD, right!? :wink:

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I also stuggle with Month-Day every time. And feet, ounces and Fahrenheit… :smiley:

Only when naming files! :grinning: