Where are the iPad Pro reviews?

The iPad Pros are now available to order, but still no reviews. Don’t the reviews usually come out a day or two before they go on sale?

Overall, the ‌iPad Air‌ is the better option for the majority of users, simply on the basis of value for money. For most people, the additional $200+ needed to buy the ‌iPad Pro‌ will not be justified to get a better camera system, more memory, and a 120Hz display.

(I’m not in the market for either)

I would expect MacStories to have an in-depth hands on review at some point.

If you don’t have a last gen iPad Pro, I think you can just look at reviews for the 2020 iPad Pro, taking into account that the new gen has thunderbolt, better screen on 12.9, and ~50% performance improvement.

If you already have the last gen iPad Pro, then it’s much easier to judge if an upgrade is justified: If you have never felt the 2020 iPad Pro is “under-powered”, then it’s unnecessary to upgrade.

I guess because the new gen is set to ship in 21 May, even the reviewers haven’t got their hands on it.

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I expect them to come out on May 21.

Reviews usually come closer to the day of delivery, not the day of ordering.


Seems like they always come out within the week before consumers get them, don’t they? Bloggers/YouTubers/review sites will all have them soon and then just be waiting for the NDA to drop. I can never remember though.

Still, I don’t expect reviews to tell us much. Yes, the M1 is fast. Yes, the new big iPads screen is beautiful.

The 2020 iPad Pro exports 4K video in near real time. Everything else I use it for is virtually instantaneous. A thunderbolt connection would be nice, but not a reason for me to upgrade.

I think we will have to wait until WWDC to learn why Apple put an M1 in the iPad Pro. I just hope my 2020 iPP can take advantage of it.

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I really hope they allow for background processes just like on a Mac.

Last year the iPad Pro refresh was minor and iPadOS didn’t get much love either. So hopefully this year the focus has shifted.

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I doubt they would ever allow full background processes as they do on the Mac. There is nothing worse for battery life than a rogue background process.

Yes, you’re right about that. I think what I’m missing is the usual, first impression type reviews you would get from an in-person event where reporters get to try them out after the show.

Aren’t they usually embargoed until just before they are available, rather then when they’re ready to order?