Where can you buy USB-C to USB-C hubs?

I need more USB-C ports for my MacBook Pro. No problem! I thought. I’ll just buy one of the many models of USB-C to USB-C hubs which surely exist.

I don’t need more USB-A, HDMI, Mini Display, Ethernet, or any other ports. Just need more USB-C ports.

To my surprise, USB-C-to-USB-C ports do not seem to exist. It took me a long time to find this one:

Which doesn’t even support power, but I bought it anyweay.

Are there any alternatives to that model?

I’m surprised at this lack. There are a proliferation of USB-A-to-USB-A hubs.

I believe these are only available now Thunderbolt 4 exists, iirc there was a discussion on ATP about it a few years ago…

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Yeah, USB-C can do a lot more than USB-A, which is a blessing and a curse. The challenge with hubs is that they lead the user to believe that every port would have equal capabilities. That’s really tough with a USB-C shaped port. I agree that it’s very frustrating when all you want is more ports to each carry very little bandwidth (mouse, keyboard, etc.).


Here you go.


I have owned the OWC Thunderbolt hub that @Gem linked to, above, since it was released. It has three USB-C inputs. I hang a couple of USB-C external drives off of it, and an external monitor. The hub connects to my MacBook. It is a powered hub, and gets very warm / hot, so depending on the surface the user might want to use a cooling pad. It’s been reliable.

(OWC has a small menubar utility that users can install and use to eject drives connected to the hub – and only the hub. It ejects more reliably than Finder does.)

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Whoo-ee! Those’re expensive!

Might be easier for me just to replace my ancient USB trackball, which despite being a USB-A device would nonetheless free up a USB-C port, like a sliding-tiles game.

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Yup. With great flexibility comes great expense.

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The Satechi is the first USB-C to USB-C hub I have seen, actually. For whatever reasons, there were never any of these around. I don’t know if that was a technical limitation of USB-C or not.

The Satechi you linked to appears to support data transfer of 5GBs, which indicates it is not USB-4 compliant (at least not fully). It also does not support video or power delivery, and but presumably would work for connecting a bunch of disk drives or other USB-C appliances.

The OWC hub is actually a TB4 hub (I have one) with a single USB-A port. It had not occurred to me to try connecting USB drives to it directly. It’s always a crapshoot with hubs and cables these days, since USB-C is actually a cable/connector specification (which can support USB, TB, and video on the same cable/connector) and the communications protocol (eg USB-3, USB-4, TB1/2/3/4) can be carried over any compatible cable / connector, of which USB-C is the only one at present.

Therefore, it is not a guarantee that any USB-C port can handle TB (some cannot) and I had not assumed that a TB4 hub could necessarily support USB on any of its ports. I have not connected a USB only device to one of the USB-C ports on the OWC hub (I have a 7 port USB hub connected to its USB-A port).


Thank you very much but also ow my head.


Worth mentioning that the OWC hub (not the dock, that provides 100W iirc) can only provide 60W of power. This is just about enough for a 15” MBP in most circumstances (you’ll occasionally see some battery drain under heavy load) but may well be problematic if you have a 16”.


Well I’ve ordered an element hub - should arrive tomorrow


Where did you find it in stock?

On the Caldigit UK store - they seem to have plenty of stock over here :slight_smile:

They should think about sharing with the colonies!!


Someone tweeted Marco to say they were back in stock at Amazon, whether they still are who knows…

Love mine. Connected to the M1 Mini and all the I/O I need…

Had to wait a long time for it to arrive earlier this year. Now stock seems OK