Where did that come from?

Hi All,

Question: Where the heck did ‘Amazon Chime’ come from?

There I was looking for something else when I noticed the very noticeable Amazon Chime icon in my application desktop. I certainly don’t recall downloading it, but since I can’t believe it could have got there any other way I am trying to figure out how I can find out when it was downloaded.

Is there any way that you can help me check?

Thanks Guys

Could you search for Chime in your browser history? I have Chime installed and I see that I visited the site on 6/7/2018, which is when my calendar shows a meeting where I used it.

There’s no info that can help when you “get info” on it?

Do you use Vonage?


Very Bizarre. Having taken your suggestion (thanks for that by the way), it appears that I was not in the country and maybe even on a plane when this was apparently added. I have NO idea how or why.

Time to delete it.

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