Where do shared album invites go?

I’m on a vacation with family and I created a shared album in Photos. However, we cannot figure out where the invites went. They do not show up in email, text, or the app. What am I missing?

I just tried this. I setup a shared album on my wife’s Apple Photos. I invited myself via my email address. I received an email showing me that I was invited. Before I looked at my email, I noticed a badge on the Photos icon in my dock. I opened my Apple Photos, looked under Shared Albums, and there was an invite there that I could accept. I could, also, have accepted an invite via the email that I received.

When sharing there was also a way to do it using a phone number, so I assume an invite may be sent via Apple Messages.

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Thanks for checking this. Was this all on your computer, or did you use an iOS device? I was hoping it was just going to use Messages.

Also wonder if the mail notes got shunted out of the inbox as spam

I sent the invite from my wife’s iMac and accepted the invite on my MBP. I will try with our iPads and report back.

Yes. Check junk mail. Check Messages.

Another thought - Are you using wifi? or cellular?

When I went on a trip a few moths ago, nothing was happening re: synching Photos when I was using cellular, only when I used wifi. If you were using cellular try wifi if you have secure wifi where you are.

This is a good thought. Just checked the album and some family members have found the invites. Will ask them when I see them next.

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Have a great vacation. :grinning:

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