Where do you host domain names?

I’ve been using Hover for years, but the level of support isn’t as good as it used to be.

Looking for a new domain registrar with great support.

Any tips?

I’m sorry to hear that about Hover. The times that I have needed them, they have been helpful. I’ve considered them to be reliable.

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CloudFlare :slight_smile: cloudflare.com


I use Dreamhost but just for domain names , not hosting

Also use Namecheap , again just for domain names

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I recently moved from Hover to Porkbun, after realizing I have not needed any interaction with my registrar for years (domain names are automatically renewed, nameservers handled by Cloudflare).

I chose Porkbun because they are much cheaper, while still having good reviews. Cloudflare is even cheaper, but they don’t offer full WHOIS privacy and they force you to use their nameservers. On average I pay almost $5 less per domain at Porkbun than I did at Hover. Cloudflare would be around $1 cheaper per domain (than Porkbun).

I switched from Network Solutions to Hover nine years ago. I haven’t needed support or had any reason to change.

I’d recommend googling any registrars you are considering, several of the largest were hacked a few years ago. And GoDaddy recently revealed they have had attackers in their system for years.

GoDaddy: Hackers stole source code, installed malware in multi-year breach

Hackers breached some of the web’s most popular domain registrars

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For a long time I used a registrar in in the UK called 123 Reg, https://www.123-reg.co.uk/. However, in recent years they have tried to upsell more and more things that I do not need when renewing domains.

As I do all of my DNS through Cloudflare I have started to move my domain hosting to them. I recently moved and renewed my personal .me.uk domain and the registration fee for 9 years was $42.88.

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I have three domains — two with Google Domains, one with Porkbun. Have used Namecheap in the past.


I’ve now moved from Hover to Porkbun for all my domains. Not had a single issue and prices are less.

I’ve been using DirectNIC since 2006 with no issues. Porkbun is definitely cheaper though.

No issues with Google Domains.

I use Hover and Namecheap. Very satisfied with service, usability, and performance of both.

Namecheap for many years. They’ve been rock solid.

very good service.

Namecheap for ~6 or 7 years now without any issues. Veerotech for hosting (outstanding service and, at least when I checked last, one of the few not owned by one of the big, poor service hosts).