Where is Freeform?!

Has Apple made any mention of when Freeform will be available. The suspense is killing me.

Between waiting on this and Microsoft Loop I’m getting a little impatient. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yesterday I installed the Ventura 13.1 beta and it has Freeform. I played with it a bit but I’m not the intended audience (everything I try to “free form” looks like garbage, regardless of the app).

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Just updated my iPad to 16.2 last night. Definitely agree with most of the people talking about it already. Very polished app, great for “freeform” brainstorming and connecting things. I’m not sure if it will replace goodnotes for me as it’s so entrenched in my college note-taking habits. I can imagine they’re probably not for the same purpose, but once this semester ends I’ll have to really dive in and see if it fits with my mental model


Just installed 16.2 today!! Super excited!! :grin::grin::grin:

It feels like Microsoft Whitebaord to me but Freeform gives you a preview of a website if you copy and paste a link.

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The link previews are great! Just need shape recognition to be fixed. If Apple were to improve the rich links in iOS, I’d love to see more support for different URL types. Right now YouTube support in rich links is excellent. I’d love to see a similarly featured support for apps like Pages

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With a touch of Google’s “Jamboard” service!

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Can you use a Wacom tablet or similar device to draw in Freeform on a Mac?