“Where is Notification Centre?”

A few days ago I upgraded from Catalina to Monterey. Now, immediately after the first notification of the day appears after booting the computer in the morning, a window pops up asking, “Where is Notification Centre?” I can find neither a “Notification Centre” nor a “Notification Center.” Why is this happening? And how can I stop it happening?

This is 10years old but may solve your problem. I have not tried this but you can search to find a better way to do this. Good luck.

Just FYI, Notification Center is controlled by a System Preferences panel called “Notifications & Focus” in Monterey.

If the article that @neonate linked to doesn’t permanently fix the problem, you might have a damaged macOS installation. In that case, re-installing Monterey right over top of the existing installation might take care of it.


Click on the date in the upper right corner of the Menu Bar, I think. That brings up notifications for me.

I followed the instructions in that link, and although the interface has changed considerably in the intervening period (for the worse in my opinion), the problem seems to have been fixed. Thank you!

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Good to know. You’re welcome. :grinning:

Or two finger swipe from outside the trackpad into it, from the right. I always use this gesture to show Notification Center.

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On Macs which have the Globe key, :globe_with_meridians: + N will show the Notification Center. Pressing it again, will hide it.


I spoke too soon. The dreaded window aking, “Where is Notification Centre” now pops up as soon as I boot the computer. I should mention that there is no problem showing and hiding the Notification Centre. The problem is a window that pops up and asks me to locate it on the computer.

Sorry. You may have to do what @margaretamartin suggested, above.