Where is the 'Files Folder' on the Mac?

Riddle me this?

How come you cannot access the FILES FOLDER from the MacBook anywhere?

What am I missing? This exists on both the iPad and iPhone but there is no way (that I can see) of gaining access to the same files from the MacBook.

Am I right?

First, if you haven’t already done so, read this article about using Files Folder on iOS.

Second, make sure that the files you want to use on from your Mac are accessible on your iCloud Drive. You can tell if they are available under iCloud in the Finder window on Mac.

The folder essentially lives “in the cloud” and makes all your documents available as long as the folders you wish to access are on iCloud.

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Which “FILES” folder is that?

The equivalent of Files on macOS is the iCloud Drive folder. You can use Finder to work with the files there. It may be in the sidebar of Finder, if not you can check Finder’s Preferences to turn it on.



… and, not everything viewable in Files on iOS is going to be viewable in the iCloud Drive on macOS. Files can show locations that are not part of iCloud – e.g., Dropbox or OneDrive. And Files can show documents that belong to apps – files that are stored in iCloud but not visible in iCloud drive. (Because developer. And because Apple.)


One more note to clarify…

On the Mac we have the Finder which is the app to browse files on the computer, attached drives, or in the cloud.

On iOS we have the equivalent app, Files which can be used to browse files on the device, in the cloud and attached drives (to view attached drives with the Files app you need a helper app such as FileBrowser.

So, Finder=Files as both are apps. Both are used to browse files in a variety of places on device or in the cloud be they iCloud, DrobBox or other.

When discussing the subject it’s helpful for us to capitalize Files when talking about the app vs leaving it lower case when talking about the individual files being viewed.

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This is particularly true of things like “dot files”. Oi vey, I nearly had a stroke one day thinking I’d lost a bunch of experimental data because I kept it in a dot file on my desktop Mac and it was not available on my iPad.

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Thanks for that. I’ll give that a read.

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