Where is the gesture gone on MacOS?

I used to be able to move a window with three fingers. It’s gone! Where and why?

It’s still there in Accessibility as an option. Just tested it. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204609

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I don’t have that turned on, and three-finger drags switch me into different Spaces - which I like.

But if that’s my current default what’s a good alternative to move a window without select-click-move?

I think the best alternative is to do three finger window drag and to use four fingers to swipe between spaces. (And if you try this and want to go back to three finger swipe, it’s in System Prefs > Trackpad rather than Accessibility.)


Hmm, I get the move to the next space with both 3-finger and 4-finger drag.

I think I can repurpose one of those!

Seems like a good time to mention Better Touch Tool. I haven’t used it, but understand you can customize gestures, etc.

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I’ve used BTT for years, just never thought to control window movement before without clicking the titlebar. (I also use Moom for some basic moving/resizing of windows.)

It’s neat to not have to click! But I still have to scroll up to the title bar anyway so it’s not as convenient as I’d briefly thought it might be when reading this thread…

Thank you, they hid that very well.
It’s not the most important gesture I guess, but convenient if you have it. I obviously don’t use it that much, since I figure it has vanished since I upgraded to Mojave and only now realized it’s gone. But I change between mouse and trackpad quite arbitrary, so I think I just didn’t try to use it for a while.
I have BTT but I keep forgetting. Maybe my inconsistent use of either mouse or trackpad is another reason for that.

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I’ve set three fingers slid sideways to move the cursor between one screen and the other. I’m using BetterTouchTool to do this.

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So the cursor jumps over to the other screen?

Yes, exactly. In my setup Screen 2 is behind but above Screen 1 so purposeful cursor positioning is more cumbersome than a simple “flip to top left (but in a bit) of other screen”.

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