Where’s Best Buy’s HomePod Black Friday deal?

Katy mentioned that Best Buy was advertising a $100 off Black Friday deal on Homepods, but I can’t find the deal in their Black Friday ads. Has anyone else seen the deal?

According to cnet the HomePod deal doesn’t start until Thanksgiving day.

Last week B&H Photo had the $249 deal, but only apparently for a few hours. I snagged one ($271 with NYC tax) and am listening to BBC news on it right now.

Be aware that when you get it you might need to update the HomePod’s OS. I was at 11.x, and needed to complete a 2Gb update (which can be initiated from either an iOS device or Mac thorough the Home app) to get it up to v12.1.

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The Best Buy HomePod deal is up. $249.99.

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